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From Incheon Airport: 02-336-0003 
here is the direction
How to get hongdae guest house in Seoul Korea

Exit door # 5 or # 12 on the first floor of the airport building and outside to the right there is the sign ' 5B ' or ' 12A '.
- Get Airport Limousine bus# 6002 (You can buy a ticket in the airport at the outdoor desk beside exits door 4 and door11)
and it will take about 40~ 50mins (depends on the traffic).
- The first stop is 'Hapjeong' , and then the seond stop is Hotel Seokyo and just after the second stop, please ring the bell there to alert the driver to be know you will get off and the THIRD stop is 'HONGDAE (same as our guesthouse) ipgoo '. (the stop is on the middle of the road -Korean style) - its new stop, So please ring the bell and also tell the driver " please stop HONGDAE"
- Get off at this stop. The guesthouse building is clearly visible from the bus stop, just across the street half. ( you could see DUNKIN DONUTS )
- DUNKIN DONUTS(on the big main road- is on the lobby floor, the door is to the left.
- Take the elevator to the 3rd floor and come to room 308 - CNAtour /HONGDAE Guesthouse 02-336-0003

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